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Hello and Welcome to my website!

My name is Charlene Marsh and I am an oil painter

creating artworks that make the heart sing and the soul soar! 

I love to backpack the painting supplies deep into the forest and other wild places

to paint on location.  You cannot drive to the places where I paint. 

For a peek into my creative forays please visit


"Memorial Day, May 30, 2016", plein air oil painting, 12" x 12", by Charlene Marsh.  SOLD

"Peak of Autumn, November 3", plein air oil, 16" x 20".  SOLD

"Twilight in the Forest, February 5", plein air oil, 16" x 12".  SOLD

"Spring in the Forest, April 20", plein air oil, 20" x 16".

Thanks for stopping in!

Happy Trails!



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