How to Create Health, Wealth, and Harmony using Fine Art

This article is about how Fine Art can be used to transform the energy of your living spaces both at home and at work.  Compare how a room, void of art with blank, empty walls feels compared to a room full of beautiful, life enriching artwork.  Artwork, that makes your heart sing, can be selected not only to make you happy but to enhance specific, energetic areas of your home. 

Most people have heard about Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement.  Many Feng Shui principles can be applied to one's home and work place to create an auspicious, harmonious, living environment.  I took my first course in Feng Shui in 1994 from Seann Xenja and have been studyign this esoteric art form ever since.  The more I learn about it, the deeper and richer feng shui becomes.

Fine art and, in particular, my oil paintings that depict the various elements (wood, water, fire, earth, metal) utilizing a wide range of colors and shapes, make excellent feng shui adjustments or enhancements to create optimal results for a beautiful, pleasant, and healing environment and, hence, life. 

The oil paintings are wonderful for complementing the various parts of the Bagua which is the energy map for the home or property.  The forest, flower, and landscape paintings naturally enhance or mitigate the four seasons, the elements, the colors, and the shapes associated with each of the eight parts of the Bagua(plus the Center representing physical and spiritual health for a total of nine areas) in our homes or individual rooms. 

I used to tell people to not place a cool, blue water painting over a fireplace because it would douse the fire.  But I have come to realize that that may just be the best thing to gain balance in the space.  For example, I installed a woodstove system in my house several years ago and the only logical place to put it was in the area of the room that is considered the "Career" area whose element is water and whose season is winter and is enhanced by cool, dark colors, irregular, squiggly shapes, and cool temperatures.  So a fiery woodstove was just the opposite of what was called for! 

To harmonize and balance the space, I implemented several feng shui adjustments.  To balance the woodstove, I placed a hand made rug on the floor in front of it that features dolphins on a blue, water ground with squiggly lines through it.   I hung a painting featuring a snow scene with running water framed in a dark wood frame on one side of the stove (left of the wood rack) and a small fountain beneath the paintings. I had round, black enamel pans full of water on top of the stove to humidify the air and add the water element as well as the round shape and metal element to counter the fire. I also hung a mirror representing water behind the stove.  Nearby plants (wood element) help mitigate the fire as well.  And the black, metal stove and round, columnar stovepipe itself helps balance the fire element.

I also enhanced the "Fame" (fire) area on the opposite side of the room by making a nice display for my award ribbons.  I hung two paintings that featured triangular shapes (for fire).  Both paintings had fiery fall colors as well.  



In my "Wealth" area, I hung two paintings ~ one a spring scene in the forest with a running creek and another green summer painting with a reflecting creek.  I also draped a string of small colored lights to brighten the area. 



Within just days of installing the woodstove and implementing the feng shui adjustments, I have enjoyed a number of sales directly from the studio/gallery here on my property and was notified of an award from a regional show.  I am confident that the woodstove will not only mean warmer winters tucked inside the studio painting, but that  success will continue to find it's way to my door.

If you would like to know more about how Fine Art can help you create a harmonious and auspicious space, please contact me at 812-988-4497 or Char [at] CharleneMarsh [dot] com.


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